Top Twitter Feeds to Help You Expand on Passive Income Ideas

Adam Shaw, CFP®
Vice President, Media Society

Social media has exploded the stock market community. With everyone hoping to gain an edge, Twitter has become one of the most used social media sources for investors when following the news of some of the most notable and successful financial outlets around the world. When you want to expand on different passive income ideas, Twitter can be a valuable resource. These feeds can provide useful tips and breaking news information as well as recommendations that can have a great impact on their trading decisions. No matter what you are hoping to invest in, whether it be precious metals or investing in movies, utilizing Twitter can help you filter out the information that may not be as useful. It allows you to get past any “clutter” to only receive the best news immediately. The following Twitter feeds are from some of the top commercial news and research outlets and are worth following:

WSJ Money Beat
The Wall Street Journal is a crucial element of any investor’s toolbox, so it would be prudent to follow the WSJ Money Beat twitter feed. It remains up-to-date in mergers and acquisitions and provides accurate commentary on private equities, IPOs, and other investments. It also provides links to updates on their markets blog, providing information on a variety of topics including, passive income ideas, funds, news, and forecasting.
New York Times Business Feed
The New York Times business twitter feed provides up-to-the-minute market news and stock changes. It also tweets on a variety of notable domestic and international events that affect the marketplace. It is likely that breaking news will be found on their feed rather than the main website, so subscribing can place you ahead of the game with regard to both traditional investments and passive income ideas. Because each news outlet focuses on such a wide variety of news, it is ideal to have all of the major newspaper twitter feeds in your arsenal.
Anyone who is involved in the trading community, or wishes to become more familiar should have Stock-twits on their twitter feed. This is a real-time twitter feed that allows both foreign and domestic investors to live-tweet what they see happening in the stock market and how they are currently performing. The people behind Stocktwits are responsible for creating placing the “$” prefix for stocks on Twitter.
CNBC’s Twitter feed is a financial network that is known worldwide and a member of the National Broadcasting Company. It is renowned for providing real-time stock market information and features commentary from some of the most famous and notable experts in the world of finance. The network covers a variety of investment topics, from news about investing in movies to how the market is affected by overseas strife. The network reaches over 340 million homes worldwide and provides 24-hour coverage. Their feed is geared toward both individual movie investors as well as those who have years of experience.
Benzinga’s Twitter feed provides around-the-clock breaking news and trading ideas through-out the day. It is an innovative and dynamic financial media outlet that provides unique content that is coveted by top traders. Benzinga provides actionable ideas that allow users to easily understand even the most complicated markets. It is considered one of the leading full-service financial media sources for investors of all experience levels.

It is important to note that these are only a few of the myriad of Twitter feeds available for investors. There are many other feeds to follow in order to get trading information on a market day or passive income ideas. If you are trying to build an investment strategy based on the tweets of other investment professionals, it is crucial to find the traders with a track record of success and follow their tweets also. You will find a wealth of information, including the best tips for investing in movies. This will provide you with a well-rounded foundation that will support your needs for stock information across the board.