Top Facebook Pages to Help You Develop Strong Passive Income Streams

Adam Shaw, CFP®
Vice President, Media Society

When you are planning to invest your money in passive incomes streams or traditional investments, it is important to utilize a wide variety of resources to gain a fair view of what is available. If you are looking for sound investment advice, the Facebook pages of well-known commercial websites and news organizations can provide a wealth of information, daily stock updates, and links to helpful articles written by some of the most notable experts in personal finance. Even better, these pages collectively have several million users, which provide different points of view on a variety of financial topics, including film investing. You can gain some great insight from the interaction with others who are like-minded. The following Facebook pages are some you should consider following:


CNN Money

CNN Money provides business and financial news and updates on a regular basis each day. It provides links to its parent website with tips via a variety of newsletters and daily alerts. It also allows users to read about potential investment options and passive income streams based on new and innovative products, emerging companies, and overseas markets.



Kiplinger is a Washington, DC based company that provides a wealth of personal finance tips and advice. This wealth of information gives investors business forecasts and personal finance advice for new investors as well as those who have decades of investment experience. This page provides links to a variety of personal finance websites, articles, and blog posts on the latest investment strategies.


The Street

The Street is an independent financial media company specializing in business and financial news as well as investing ideas and analysis. This Wall Street based medium provides links to their daily newsletter subscriptions and articles, which help users remain on the top tier of market trends. You will also find expert commentary from financial journalists and leaders, including CNBC’s Jim Cramer.


Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a news aggregation website that provides articles from all over the world from top market blogs, investment newsletters, and financial experts. It is considered a premier site for actionable stock market opinion and financial discussion among users on a wide variety of topics such as film investing and venture capital. Its Facebook page features over 27,000 likes and is one of the leading sources of over 1,500 public companies’ quarterly earnings, including the S&P 500.


Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg Business is considered one of the leaders when it comes to investment news and updated business analysis. The page supports a variety of articles from on topics ranging from international news coverage to personal finance. It also boasts several calculator tools for both new and seasoned investors. Sharing news and biographical accounts of some of the world’s most successful business professionals with their over 1.4 million users on Facebook, Bloomberg Business remains on top of the business information providers.

These five Facebook pages should be among your top resources for sound investment advice, especially if you are a novice investor to passive income streams. The best way to learn about different forms of investing, including hedge funds, currency exchange, and film investing is through the sound advice you gain from those who have decades of experience. Fortunately, with social media, this advice can be found both from experts featured on the page as well as experienced users who follow the page. By acquiring information from a wealth of sources, you can build a healthy, well-rounded investment portfolio