Media Society Membership unlocks a tremendous world of opportunities, experiences and results for you and your family to enjoy together and remember forever.

Smart, managed-risk portfolio diversification is only the beginning…You’ll have a front row seat in the entertainment industry while you visit your film’s set during production, attend exclusive cast receptions, attend private ICON events and galas, and walk the red carpet as a VIP at your theatrical premieres. The one constant is that you and your guests are always the most important people in attendance. Additionally you’ll experience the unforgettable as you watch your on-screen feature film credit, acknowledging your accomplishment for generations to come.

Becoming an executive producer unlocks the door to a highly sought-after world of exciting, diversified entertainment productions with their domestic theatrical distribution in place. Additionally, you’ll attend red carpet premieres, private screenings, and on-set visits during filming and create a lifetime of unforgettable images, experiences, and results.

Membership Levels

Media Society Member Producer Alliance logo

Executive Producer Alliance provides ‘First-look’ access to review and invest into Altar Identity Studios diversified, curated slates of professionally produced and distributed feature film and entertainment productions. Subsequent to investing into a slate of productions you’ll enjoy:
  • Walking the red carpet as a VIP at your U.S. theatrical premieres and attend exclusive cast receptions with your guests.
  • Bringing your guest behind the scenes on feature films sets and watch the top-tier production teams and A-list talent bring your feature films to life.
  • Attending private screenings of your feature films before the general public enjoys your accomplishment.
  • Your on-screen film credit acknowledges your accomplishment, forever.

Media Society All Access

All Access Members enjoy all of the Executive Producer Alliance benefits and open access to our signature events including:
Media Society Academy Awards Viewing Gala

The Media Society Awards Viewing Gala is our annual event in Hollywood. This unforgettable evening is planned by Mindy Weiss, one of the most sought after celebrity event planners. The evening begins with a cocktail reception followed by a sumptuous five-course dinner prepared by Gordon Ramsay’s renowned restaurant.

Media Society Icons Signature Event

Our ICONS Event is where members gather to enjoy a cocktail reception and sumptuous dinner in an intimate setting. When dinner has concluded, you will have a front-row seat for the evening’s main attraction: an informal interview with an industry ICON (actors, writers, producers, and directors).

Filmmakers Bootcamp

Filmmaker Bootcamps are unique, one-day events for filmmakers and film investors to listen to multiple panel discussions to gain additional insight about the inner workings of the film industry from the financial, legal, and creative professionals that have added their personal touch to notable feature films seen worldwide.

The Academy Awards® Viewing Gala is not sponsored, or approved by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, which annually produces the Academy Awards® telecast.