The Ukraine region conflict with Russia has the potential to cause a ‘Lehman moment’ in the Russian financial markets and possibly extending throughout the closely tied Western credit and equity markets.

After reading the attached article it brings to light an important question, in the new world order where developed and advanced countries forego land grabs and focus instead on global partnered growth to benefit their constituencies: Is it best to utilize a necessary punishment against Russia’s surprising cold war era mentality with a fiscal crisis that could lead to the first REAL Russian populace uprising that facilitates a complete governmental change of control?

This would be the first (to my knowledge) economic war waged to generate a change of control event in a major nation, during modern times. Needless to say, the events taking place in Ukraine have the potential of effecting each of us in significant ways during the foreseeable future, and a keen eye should be on the lookout for any Black Swans.
– Wade Bradley, Media Society CEO

JPMorgan Sees ‘Lehman Moment’ for Russia If Ukraine Deteriorates
By Jason Corcoran/Bloomberg