Apple Messages, previously called iChat, allows remote management of a Mac. These instructions were written for Messages. The steps for iChat may be slightly different.

Configure Messages

1. Open Messages.

2. From the Messages menu, choose Add Account…

Messages - Add Account Menu

3. In the Add Account dialog, click “Other messages account…” and then the Continue button.

Messages - Add Account dialog

4. In the Add a Messages Account dialog, use the following settings and then click the Create button.

  • Account Type: AIM
  • Username: – are available for computers 1-4 (check the back for the numbered label). On other computers, you can use your own AOL account or create an AIM account.
  • Password: The password for the username. For the staff accounts, use: indiefilm

Messages - Add an Account dialog

5. After you are logged in, make sure that Messages is available by choosing Available from the My Status menu item under the Messages menu.

Messages - Available menu item

Start Screen Sharing

Once your computer is Available, your screen buddy (usually Will) will send a request to share the computer’s screen.

Messages will display a window asking you to confirm the request and will ring a chime. If you do not see the window, from the Window menu, choose Screen Sharing.

Messages - Screen Sharing menu item

The screen sharing dialog:

Messages - Screen Sharing dialog

Click the Accept button and your buddy can now see and control your computer.