Amazing that this story is not a first run story on every news site and evening news show in the country.  After the debacles that led to the greatest global recession in our history, complacency once again rules. The likely winners in the next major economic contagion will be those individuals who diversify the majority of their wealth outside of the public markets and rethink the necessity of having non-correlating alternative assets as the foundation of their portfolios.

Stock markets may continue declining, sending the Nikkei 225 Stock Average down as much as 25 percent from the peak, according to Tim Schroeders, who helps oversee about $1 billion as a money manager at Pengana Capital Ltd. in Melbourne.

“Markets are vulnerable to a further correction,” Schroeders said by phone on Feb. 4. “The pullback could surprise some people. Perhaps the downside will be a little bit more than people think.”

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