Facebook Pages to Follow for Sound Investment and Passive Income Advice

Adam Shaw, CFP®
Vice President, Media Society
October 2, 2015

For those looking to strengthen their passive income investment portfolios, seeking the advice of others is key. One great benefit to Facebook and other social media platforms is that you can have firsthand access to some of the most prominent financial voices in the world. No matter what you choose to invest in, from investing in movies to private equity, it is beneficial to heed the words of the experts. The following experts resonate well with investors because they have decades of experience that are augmented with the advice of others on their pages.

Peter Dunn
Former comedian Peter Dunn has rapidly grown into popularity as a personal finance expert. His advice is ideal for anyone investing in movies or other commodities. Commonly known as Pete the Planner, Dunn’s love for finance began at an early age after a lesson on the stock market. He went on to become a financial adviser and wrote his first book, What Your Dad Never Taught You about Budgeting. He is the host of the Pete the Planner radio show and is regularly featured on Fox Business and CNN. He has almost 5,000 Facebook followers, to whom he shares a variety of advice on mortgage investments, passive income, and financial goals.
Gail Vaz-Oxlade
Canadian-based personal finance expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade is renowned for her straightforward and helpful financial advice for families and young women. She held a position in marketing, which required her to do work for a financial client where she quickly developed an interest in finance and investment. As her popularity grew, she became the host of Til Debt To Us Part, in which Vaz-Oxlade followed couples in their journey to become debt free, establish passive income, and improve their finances. She frequently contributes to Yahoo! Finance and provides regular advice to her over 30,000 Facebook fans.
Farnoosh Torabi
Farnoosh Torabi is a relative newcomer to the world of personal finance. Iranian-born Torabi found herself dealing with her own personal finance and debt problems early in her adult life, which spurred her interest in gaining financial independence. She started her career as a financial reporter at Money Magazine and went on to write a book for young investors about gaining power in their financial profile. She has been featured on several television shows on NBC and presents the web series Financially Fit on Yahoo! Finance.
Jean Chatzky
Jean Chatzky is a well-known financial journalist who has been featured numerous times in her role as financial editor on NBC’s Today Show. She was born into a less than wealthy family and this drove her to work hard and achieve financial success. Growing tired of her well-paying career path, she eventually moved into business journalism. She now educates her over 30,000 Facebook fans with easy and down-to-earth advice on debt, investments, and building passive income.
Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey had a rather tumultuous financial background. Once hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt in his real estate business, Ramsey finally had enough and had to face the reality of his situation. He developed a “debt snowball” plan as a way to slowly pay off debt. After seeing how successful his method was, he began teaching it to others who were in the same predicament. He eventually went on to host a local radio show that became nationally syndicated. Today, he takes calls from everyday citizens, giving them advice on financial planning, debt payment, and investment advice. His Bible-based approach to finance developed into a widely taught course in personal finance called “Financial Peace University.” Today, he has over 3 million Facebook fans.

Developing your own personal finance and investment strategy can be daunting for an investor. However, both new and seasoned investors can gain a wealth of knowledge in passive income streams and other investments through the eyes of those who are successful in the business. Even more, you are able to interact with others who are like-minded to gain even more perspective on your overall financial outlook, whether that includes investing in movies or the stock market.