Disney’s Marvel superhero sequel posts the best April opening ever ($101 million opening week), and with $209 million from international box office, it has already passed $310 million globally, more than 50% ahead of the first Captain America. While the special effects and action are a feast for the senses, it is equally as special when film icons such as Robert Redford play prominently in tentpole superhero films. It’s especially satisfying to see an actor like Redford continue to deliver outstanding performances across a vast landscape of genres.

Robert Redford exemplifies film icon status with his lifetime box office earnings of more than $2.8 billion. Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have also been able to solidify their iconic status by developing entertaining films woven through their lucrative franchises. According to ABC News, Captain America – The Winter Soldier tops the list of the 7 most successful sequels (read the ABC article here). With a slate of highly-anticipated franchised films, and a total box office gross approaching $6 Billion (since 2008), Marvel, its partners, and individual icons like Robert Redford are well-positioned to entertain audiences for years to come.