This month, The Hollywood Reporter assembled 34 Oscar-winning and -nominated producers for a photo shoot at esteemed producer Robert Evans’ Beverly Hills estate. On behalf of Media Society, I would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to our producing partner Donna Gigliotti, who was one of seven women featured in this exclusive photo shoot. The group included greats such as Quincy Jones, Jon Landau, Frank Marshall, Ivan & Jason Reitman, Brian Grazer, and many more.

Media Society and Altar identity Studios share a tremendous level of pride to work directly with, and to have our members be partnered with, a force as strong as Donna Gigliotti. I am very fortunate to watch her oversee the ballet that is the physical production of our latest feature film Big Stone Gap (produced by Altar Identity Studios, a Media Society company).

Partnering with Donna on this film offered the opportunity to see a true film master at work. What amazes me most is her calm amidst the storm of activity both on set and in the edit room. This is why she is repeatedly at the top of an industry whose best works are compared with the idea of capturing magic. With her track record of award-winning films, Donna has secured a rightful place among the greats of Hollywood.


Read the featured article and see a video of the event at The Hollywood Reporter.