We are thrilled to see Ashley Judd’s performance in ‘Divergent’ deliver box office success and wanted to share her thoughts she expressed to the LA Times on the filming of Altar Identity Studios’ Big Stone Gap that wrapped in late November.

I did an independent film called “Big Stone Gap” in October, based on Adriana Trigiani’s bestselling book, and she adapted the book and directed it. And the acting was so glorious, just really fun, and it brought me back to that unfiltered joy of the creative process, which is quite separate from the production process. The production can be a hassle. And that movie was really difficult to make. We had a tiny budget, we were under-crewed. But we had two Tony winners, two Oscar winners, just an extraordinarily packed cast, and that’s what I would like to continue to do, is just really get into that stream of what a beautiful ride the acting can be. And if that includes a lot of input into the material or helping do things on the production side, that’s fine with me. I just want to make sure I have fun, because the more fun I have, the more I’ll keep coming back. If I don’t have fun, I’ll just opt out again, like I did for five years.

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