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We are an exclusive, members-only society of accredited individuals who partner with our film studio’s community of highly experienced, successful feature film producers.

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I am a natural person whose individual net worth exceeds $1,000,000 (exclusive of my primary residence).

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Smart managed-risk portfolio diversification is only the beginning. You’ll have a front-row seat in the entertainment industry while attending exclusive cast receptions, private ICONS events, Awards Viewing Galas, being on set during your film’s production and walking the red carpet as a VIP at your theatrical premieres. All of these benefits are in addition to seeing your personal feature film credit on-screen acknowledging your accomplishment for generations to come.

Media Society Executive Producer Alliance

The Executive Producer Alliance membership provides “First-look” access to invest into Altar Identity Studios’ curated Slates.

  • Become an Altar Identity Studios Executive Producer.

  • Going behind-the-scenes on your feature film sets and seeing recognizable talent bring your feature films to life.

  • Attending exclusive private screenings of your feature films before the general public.

  • Walking the red carpet as a VIP at your U.S. theatrical premiere and attending exclusive cast receptions with your guests.

  • Your on-screen film credit acknowledges your accomplishment forever.

Media Society Executive Producer All Access

Our Executive Producer All Access Members enjoy both the Alliance benefits and gain access to our exclusive signature events.

Media Society Awards Viewing Gala
Media Society Filmmaking Bootcamp
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